Letter Announcing Retirement of Employee (Sample)

Here’s a template you can use to write a letter announcing the retirement of an employee.

Dear [Employees],

I am writing to announce that [Complete Name of Employee] will be retiring. [First Name of Employee] has been with [Name of Company] for

[number of years]

years. [He/She] started as a/an [entry position] in the [Department Name]. With [his/her] dedication, [she/he] has now become our

[current position]

in the [Department Name]. [He/She] served as a key player in the development and success of our company.

[First Name of Employee] will be remembered as a persevering colleague. Although we will certainly miss [him/her], [he/she] deserves the rest needed and time to spend with [his/her] family. Let us all extend our warm wishes for the future endeavors of [First Name of Employee] and [his/her] family.


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