Letter Applying For an Internal Position (Sample)

If you’ve applied for an internal vacancy within your company and want to advise your immediate superior, here’s a template you can use to write a letter applying for an internal position.


[supervisor’s name]


In the list of job openings, I saw that a [name of position] position was available in the

[department name]


Kindly accept this [memo/ letter/email] as notification of my interest to apply.

Please know that I feel thrilled working for you in this department. However, I feel that the [name of position] work will offer me with more opportunity and room for improvement. I have acquired many learnings from you and my colleagues during my time here. However, I feel that I already need to move on to other positions and sharpen my knowledge and skills.

Should I proceed with the application and be successfully offered with the position, kindly know that I will fully cooperate to facilitate smooth transition and provide necessary training for the person who shall take on my work.

Thank you,

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