Sample Reference Check Letter (Template)

If you need to verify a candidate’s references, here’s a template you can use to write a reference check letter.

Dear [name],

We are considering [Employee Name] for a [position title] position within our institution. When [she/he] submitted her application,


cited you as one of [her/his] professional references.

We would be really grateful if you can share your thoughts of [his/her] performance and areas of strengths and weaknesses. We would also like to request for [additional information required]. Given the position she is applying for, we would like to know more about [his/her] aptitudes in


, along with further information that you believe is important.

We held [Employee Name]’s application until we have completed her background check. Thank you very much for your prompt response. You can contact me if you have any inquiries or comments.

Thank you,

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