Request Letter For Seminar Approval (Sample)

If you’re looking for permission to attend a seminar at the company’s expense, here’s a template you can use to write a request letter for seminar approval.




I’ve been notified about a seminar to be held locally on [seminar topic]. This seminar on

[date of seminar]

will cost [cost] and will start from [start time] to [end time].

I’m aware of the budget limitations of the department concerning trainings. I was wondering if I there is enough budget to accommodate me in attending this seminar. I believe that attending this seminar will greatly benefit me and sharpen my job performance by [enumerate 1–2 ways in which attending will improve your job performance].

I will highly appreciate it if I can be provided with an opportunity to enhance my knowledge on this job. I’ll be grateful for anything that you help me with to help me attend this seminar.


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