Goodwill Credit Adjustment Letter

If you are requesting to have a piece of specific information removed from your credit report, you should write a goodwill adjustment letter. If you want your request to be successful, here’s how you should write a goodwill credit adjustment letter.

{Your Name/Address}

{Your phone number}


To whom it may concern, 

I’ve worked well with {name of the company}, and I want to keep up the good work we’ve done together over the past {number of} years.

I just obtained a copy of my credit report, and I learned that there is a late payment for my account.

{Explain the situation that leads you to miss payment}. This prevented me from being able to pay my monthly installment. I acknowledge my error in falling behind and accept full accountability for my deeds. 

I recognize that slowed-down payments are inconvenient for your business. However, I had a history of on-time payments with you from when my loan first originated until my current {emergency}. Furthermore, I started paying bills on time again.

I would want to ask that you apply a goodwill adjustment to erase the late payment from my record. My request is based on my otherwise flawless payment history. 

By granting my request, you’ll be able to see my consistent track record as a creditworthy borrower and help me build my entire credit history.

I appreciate your attention in advance.

Sincerely, {your name} 

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