Goodwill Late Payment Letter

You have the best chance of erasing a bad score related to late payments by writing a goodwill letter. Although it is considerably more difficult to persuade debt collectors to remove other types of marks, you might succeed by writing them a goodwill late payment letter. 

Regarding {your account}


To whom it may concern

As a client, I’ve enjoyed using {Creditor’s Name}, so I’m writing to address a concern with my credit account.

Since {date}, when I first opened the account with you, I’ve been delighted with the kind advantages and top-notch customer support you’ve given me. I want to use your services for a very long time and have already referred friends and family to you. 

I’ve been a very responsible borrower, and I have regularly made my payments on time throughout the duration of our arrangement. In actuality, I hadn’t missed a payment until recently.

{Describe in a few short sentences what happened and why you couldn’t make the payments}

I’ve been working to restructure my finances and repair my credit ever since. I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused and pledge to pay on time every time going forward.


{Your Name}

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