Credit Letter of Goodwill

Are you tired of declined credit card applications? A letter of goodwill could be the solution to your problem. Requesting one could help improve your credit score and increase your chances of being approved for a new card. Here’s how to write a credit letter of goodwill. 

For {name of the recipient}

I sincerely appreciate your time. I’ll go straight to the point.

I’m writing because I found a late payment on my credit report {date and account number}. I take my financial commitments very seriously, and before this occurrence, I had a very good payment history.

Unfortunately, I failed to make a payment when {explain the event}. But now that I’ve solved my situation, my funds are in order.

{Explain the efforts you’ve taken to rectify the issue to ensure this never happens again.} For your review, I’ve attached {document, bill, or receipt, as appropriate}.

I’m requesting that you make a goodwill adjustment and eliminate the bad entry from my credit reports due to my excellent payment history up until this time.

I really do intend to pay my payments on time, thus, I don’t believe that this late payment is a fair reflection of my creditworthiness. I’d appreciate it if you gave me another chance. I sincerely appreciate your consideration of my plea.

Best wishes

{Your name and email address}

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