Credit Card Goodwill Letter

If you have some negative marks on your credit card report, you’ll need to ask nicely creditors to remove them. To do so, you should write a compelling credit card goodwill letter. 

{Your name/address/account number}


To Whom It May Concern

Thank you for your time. I’m reaching out because I’ve noticed that my credit report contains a late payment. This payment is reported on my {account numer} on the {date}. 

I want to clarify that I’m aware of my financial commitments, and if it weren’t for { describe the event that prevented you from making a payment on time}, I would have a stellar repayment history. 

However, I managed to get my finances in order, and since then, my track record of making payments on time has been flawless.

Since I know that missed payment can make it harder for me to apply for a mortgage or a loan, I would like to ask for a goodwill adjustment. You removing the late payment from my credit record would be greatly appreciated. 

Sincerely, {Your name}

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