Goodwill Deletion Request Letter

Consumers have the ability to challenge mistakes on their credit reports under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but what if the bad information is true? You’ll need to adopt a new strategy. You might be able to fix credit problems and start raising your credit score by writing a goodwill deletion request letter.

{Your name, address}

{Colector’s name and address}


Greetings, Collection Manager.

I’m writing the letter in response to your [mail, call, or credit report entry] regarding the debt that was received on {date}.

As I haven’t gotten any proof of the debt, kindly be advised that this is not an admission or acceptance of the debt. In addition, unless you respond as indicated below, this is neither a pledge to pay nor a payment agreement.

I know that your business has the authority to inform the credit bureaus about this debt as you see fit. Furthermore, as the information provider, you have the authority to alter the listing.

In exchange for your promise to remove all references to this debt, I am willing to pay {this debt}. If you accept the conditions, I will provide certified funds in return for the deletion of all details pertaining to this debt from all of my credit files.


{The Name}

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