Capital One Goodwill Letter

If it happens that you are one payment behind and you are afraid that might lower your excellent credit report, you can write a goodwill letter to the creditor and help clear the negative marks. Here’s how you can write a capital one goodwill letter and ensure your credit report is cleared. 

{Name, home address, and your account number}

Dear Mr/Mrs

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I’m writing because I found {a late payment} listed on my account in my most recent credit report.

I want to emphasize that I am aware of my financial commitments, and if it weren’t for {the event that prevented you from making a payment on time}, I would have a stellar repayment history. I fell behind by mistake, but {explain how your situation has altered or how you’ve improved your financial state} since then. Since then, my track record of making payments on time has been flawless.

I’ve heard that the missed payment would make it harder for me to qualify for {a mortgage/auto loan/etc.} if I apply. I genuinely think it doesn’t represent my creditworthiness and dedication to paying off my debts. If you could give me another chance and make a goodwill adjustment to get rid of the late payment, that would be extremely helpful.

I appreciate your time and thought and hope you will grant my request.

With all respect,

{your name}

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