Creditor Goodwill Letter

If you’ve ever been in debt, you know the relief that comes with receiving a creditor goodwill letter. A goodwill letter is a request to your creditor asking for leniency on your account. This type of letter can be beneficial to your credit score because it shows that you’re taking action to resolve your debt. 

To whom it may concern,

I’ve enjoyed using {Creditor’s Name} as a client, so I’m writing to address a concern with my credit account.

Since {date}, I’ve been delighted with the kind advantages and top-notch customer support you’ve given me. I want to use your services for a very long time and have already referred friends and family to you. 

I want to point out that I have been a very responsible borrower and have made my payments on time throughout the duration of our arrangement. In actuality, I hadn’t missed a payment until recently.

However, I temporarily, due to {the event that made you skip payment}, lost track of my income. I regret not being able to make the payments on time. I wished to inform you about the events that contributed to my late payment, even though I accept full responsibility for it.

I’ve been working to restructure my finances and repair my credit ever since the {event}. I’m hoping you may give me another chance and delete the bad entry from my credit record.

If I should provide you with additional information, let me know. Thank you for reading through my request. 

Sincerely, {your name}  

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