Charge Off Goodwill Letter

Use incredibly simple techniques to have charge-offs removed from your credit record. There is something you can do if a charge-off has caused your credit score to decline. Write a charge off goodwill letter and ensure that your credit report is clean. 

{Your name/address/phone numer/account number}

To whom it may concern,

I’m {Your Name}, and I’d want to start by thanking you for reading this letter.

My objective is to continue working with {name of the company/lender} since I’ve had an excellent experience with them.

I recently obtained a copy of my credit report and learned I have a late payment for my account {numer}, which was reported on {Date}. 

During that time, I had {describe the situation that prevented you from paying your mortgage on time}

I acknowledge my error and accept full accountability for my deeds. I recognize that late payments affect your business negatively. However, I had a history of timely payments with you, and I’ve also started paying my bills on time again in recent months. I’m even signing up for automatic payments to make sure I don’t forget any deadlines.

I would like to ask that you based on my otherwise flawless payment history to apply a goodwill adjustment and remove the late payment mark from my credit report. 

Accepting this request will establish my reliability and help me enhance my credit history.

I appreciate your attention and understanding.

{Your Name}

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