Goodwill Collections Letter

Consider requesting a goodwill adjustment from your creditors if older collection accounts are lowering your credit score. Here’s how you can write a professional goodwill collections letter.


{Creditor Name/address}

To whom it may concern,

While I typically go out of my way to pay all of my debts and take care of my obligations, I was regrettably unable to do so in this case. {Describe the event} 

However, since then, I’ve recovered financially and paid your organization back for the debt.

I’m contacting you today because I’m now trying to {give a reason}. 

Due to a collection on my account, I am experiencing issues. That’s why I am humbly asking your company to take into consideration erasing this collection off my report as a gesture of goodwill given the date and sum of this collection.

To do so would be sincerely appreciated 

All the best, 

{Your name}

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