Goodwill Forgiveness Letter

In essence, a goodwill letter—also known as a forgiveness removal letter—is a letter you send to your creditor politely requesting that they take a bad entry off of your credit reports. Here’s how to write a professional goodwill forgiveness letter.

{Your name, phone number, account ID}


To Whom it may concern,

I’m {Your Name}, and I’d want to start by thanking you for reading this letter. I’ve worked well with {company’s name}, and I want to keep up the good work we’ve done together over the past {Number} years.

I just obtained a copy of my credit report from {Credit Bureau Name} and learned that {Date} marked a late payment for my account {ID}. At that time, {explain the situation that prevented you from paying}

I acknowledge my error and accept full accountability for my deeds. I recognize that slowed-down payments are inconvenient for your business. I had a history of on-time payments until my current situation. 

I’ve also started paying bills on time again in the months that have passed since that time, even signing up for automated payments to make sure I never again forget a payment.

I would want to ask that you apply goodwill forgiveness to erase the late payment from my credit record based on my otherwise flawless payment history. 


{Your Name}

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