Goodwill Letter to Remove Collections

If you have a collection on your credit report? Know that it can be difficult to get them taken off. However, by writing a goodwill letter to the credit bureau, you may be able to get the collection removed. This letter explains why you believe the debt should be forgiven and offers any supporting documentation you may have. Here’s how you can write a goodwill letter to remove collections.

{Your name/address}

{Your account number}


To whom it may concern,

I’m reaching out to you today in regards to the account I mentioned earlier. 

Due to {add specific issues} I experienced in {Year}, a collection was sent to your agency. 

While I always ensure that I pay off my debts and fulfill my financial obligations, I was sadly unable to do so in this case due to the circumstances. However, since then, I’ve recovered financially and paid your organization back for the debt. 

I’m contacting you because I’m wanting to apply for a credit card but am having trouble doing so because my bank won’t approve me. This is due to the fact that I have a collection on my account. 

I kindly ask your organization to take into consideration erasing this collection as a gesture of goodwill. 

Sincerely, {Your name}

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