Cover Letter For Generic Position (Sample)

Here is a sample cover letter for a generic position. This can be used to apply for any generic job vacancy or position.

Dear Sir or Madam:

RE: [Position you’re applying for]

I am writing to show my interest in applying as a [position name] as I have seen your advertisement dated [indicate date] in [location of ad].

I think that I’m suitable for this position because of my past work experience and my motivation and diligence in handling new responsibilities. I have worked in the [indicate field of work] industry and have developed the necessary skills and expertise in this field. Thus, I am confident that I can be a useful addition to your team and contribute greatly to your company.

I value good work ethics and conduct my work with utmost professionalism. I am very much interested in pursuing this position because it presents an exciting challenge for me. I am willing to take up advanced education to improve my work and perform challenging tasks. I also love working with a team and consider myself as a team player. [Note that you can revise this section to suit the qualifications for the job.]

I am grateful for taking your time to evaluate my application and curriculum vitae. I hope to meet you soon to discuss the job that your company has to offer. My communication lines are open. I am available to call during [indicate time when you’re available]. My contact numbers are

[indicate phone number/s]



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