Cover Letter For Internal Position (Sample)

If you’re applying for an internal position within your company, here’s a sample template you can use to write a cover letter.

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I have been your employee for [duration of employment]. I highly value the work we do to gain our success in this company. I have witnessed the growth of this institution and would like to contribute more. I have learned about a [job position] opportunity within your department and would like to apply.

I hold a [type of degree] degree in [field of degree]. My experiences in my previous work at [name of company] have sharpened my ability to work with grace under high pressure. In this organization, I have held numerous professional awards and promotions. I have been a great contribution to the company, given my accomplishments in [indicate the projects involved in].

I believe that my expertise and skillset would be highly valued in your institution if I assume the role of a [name of position]. I believe that with my educational background, experience, and qualities, I can deliver high-quality work. I have excellent communication skills, which aids me in building good professional relations with my teammates.

My other skillsets are indicated in my enclosed curriculum vitae. Should you be interested in meeting me, you can contact me at [phone number].


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