Cover Letter For a New Job (Sample)

Here’s a sample cover letter for a new job that you can attach with your CV.

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I am writing to apply in your company as a [position applied for]. I have a total of [number] years of work experience and have aided my previous company achieve success. I believe that I can be of service to the successful growth of your company.

My educational background includes a [level of degree] in

[field of degree]

. I have extensive experience in working under high-pressure environments in [prior companies/employers]. I have developed knowledge on the mechanics and processes involved in [indicate new industry].

I believe that with my expertise, I can be an excellent addition to you company as a [position]. My skillset and [soft skills] allows me to [explain applications]. With my ability to motivate my teammates, I ensure to create positive working environments. My  detail-oriented attitude helps me maintain my productivity.

Attached in this letter are my curriculum vitae, in which my other qualities are listed. Should you be interested in calling or meeting me for an interview, you can contact me at [indicate phone number].


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