Feedback Letter for Training

You have attended a training program and want to say thanks to the mentor, but also mention the not-so-great parts that the mentor can work on. 

Dear {Mentor’s name},

Thank you for organizing and leading this professional training. It was a great opportunity to learn new skills and deepen my knowledge o the topic. I enjoyed a lot of the good parts of the training, but I would also like to draw your attention to some of the downsides. Please don’t take offense, this is just constructive criticism that would help you learn and grow as much as I did. 

I think it would be helpful to have more opportunities for practice and feedback. In particular, it would be useful to have more scenarios where we can try out the new skills we learned in the training. I think this would give us a better sense of how to apply them in a real-world situation. 

Overall, I thought the training was very beneficial, and I learned a lot of theoretical knowledge. Thank you for your hard work in organizing and leading it. I look forward to applying the new skills I learned in future projects.

Thankfully and sincerely,
{Your name}

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