Feedback Letter Effective

Here is a perfect recipe for an effective feedback letter that you can use for multiple purposes.

{Subject} Feedback on {service name}

Dear {manager name, recipient}

I am writing this letter to show appreciation for the services rendered by {name, company} that were done (time, date). I booked your company and was quite satisfied with the care your employee/s provided.
{Emphasize the positive feedback and what they did good}

Although my experience is overall a positive one, I would like to draw your attention to an issue that you might want to check out. {Emphasize in as kind as possible, but still objective words the actions you weren’t happy with. Slow output, late arrival, customer service, cleanliness, anything that you want to give feedback on}

I believe that {name of the worker} is a good employee, and this all might be just a random occurrence and by no means his/her standard practice, but I felt obliged to let you know about my experience. If you want to hear more details about these instances, don’t be afraid to reach out.
I would be happy to provide my full take on this situation.

Thank you for your services and hopefully we will maintain the happy working relationship that we had so far.

Kind Regards,

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