Feedback Letter to Manager

Have you ever wanted to praise your manager, but nothing seemed right, and you just simply don’t want to come out as a bootlicker? Here s an amazing template that will let you compose a feedback letter to a Manager you respect and want to let them know. 

Dear {Name}, 

I just want to let you know how much respect I have for you and your leadership skills. Us employees are used to getting feedback from the managers, but I believe that managers too can re-invigorate their outlook on the job at hand if they receive our objective opinion. The purpose of this feedback is to just inform you how much your drive means to me personally, but also to the rest of the team. 

It feels like you really stand up for us and have our back. Professionally speaking, you are a great manager and are always ready to impart knowledge and help us grow in this company.

I specifically love how you {handle clients, manage other bosses, and do a specific task in some way… Be as detailed as possible to show that this isn’t just an empty letter, void of meaning}. 

I am looking forward to continuing this great cooperation with you at the helm of our team. Thank you personally and professionally for all that you do here.

Kind Regards,

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