Letter of Feedback

This is a general letter of feedback template that is used by the managers and sent to employees.

Dear Employee,

I am happy to give you some feedback on your recent work performance. Overall, I was pleased with the work you submitted. However, I did notice a few areas where you could improve.

For example, in {Example: your report on market research, you included several inaccurate statements. In order to make sure that your reports are accurate in the future, please be sure to double-check your sources. –  be very specific when giving feedback and give advice on how the issue can be resolved.

Additionally, I noticed that you {Example:  were often argumentative and defensive when receiving feedback from other team members. While it is important to stand up for yourself, it is also important to be able to take constructive criticism. In order to become a better team member, I suggest that you try to remain open-minded when others offer criticism.}

Thank you for taking the time to improve your work performance. I look forward to seeing continued progress in the future.


[Manager’s name]

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