Feedback Letter Evaluation

Company evaluations are there to assess employee performance, but good companies provide evaluation responses to their employees. This is a great feedback letter evaluation that you can send to the employees after the assessment.

Dear {Name},

You know just how important feedback culture is here at {Company}.

I would like to commend you for your results and the work that you put in.

Compared to the previous evaluation, you have really shown progress in areas {name them}, and that is not going unnoticed.

However, no one is above mistakes – we are all human, after all. But from mistakes come learning opportunities that help us grow and develop our skills further. I have some pieces of advice I would like to part with, hoping that they would make your job here at {company} easier.

{Provide concrete examples and translate them into actionable advice for the employee. Choose kind words.

For example: being late to work – You were late several times in June. Maybe you could start your mornings earlier or find an alternative, less unpredictable route to work?
It has come to my attention that a lot of tasks weren’t completed on time, like (name exact tasks and missed deadlines). Perhaps you need more time allotted for those tasks, or the instructions aren’t clear enough. What are you mainly struggling with to meet these deadlines, and how can I help you meet them?}

All in all, we are very happy with your performance and the drive to better yourself.
I also wish to thank you for your loyalty to the company and all the hard work you put in. You are truly a valuable member of the team.

Kind Regards,

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