Feedback Letter for School

You are happy with the education your child is receiving and want to praise the principal. Here is the feedback letter to the school that you can send to the principal, school board, or whoever is in charge. 

Dear {Recipient} 

I would like to say thank you for the continuous education my child is receiving at your school. It’s really commendable how you are managing to provide attention to every student and manage their needs. I know that it can be difficult to manage a classroom of different personalities, let alone an entire school, but it seems that all of my child’s teachers are very good at handling this.

I would really like to mention some of the teachers that have made a special impact on {child’s name} education. {Name the teachers and their positions and add if you have words of praise of their manner of doing things.}

My child has learned a lot in this school, and I appreciate the dedication of the teaching staff. Thank you for providing a place where students can feel safe and supported while they learn.

Kind Regards,
{Name, child’s name} mom
(Sharon, Tom Felton’s mom)

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