Feedback Letter for Employee

If you are doing employee evaluations, this template is a great feedback letter for employee response that you can send out.

Dear {Employee},

Thank you so much for your hard work at our company. We appreciate everything that you have done for us. We are confident that you will continue to be a valuable member of our team.

As part of our evaluation process, we have provided you with feedback on your work performance. In this letter, we would like to highlight some of the things that you did well, as well as areas where you can continue to improve. We firmly believe in feedback culture and see it as a way of providing actionable advice that will help all of us grow. 

In terms of your strengths, we appreciate your dedication and willingness to work hard. You have always been willing to {List what they did right as part of your evaluation. Example: You have always been willing to take on additional tasks and put in the extra effort when necessary. You are also a team player and are always willing to help out your colleagues.}

In terms of areas for improvement, we would like to see you continue to focus on accuracy and precision in your work. {List here all the things an employee needs to improve. As per the evaluation findings. For example: In some cases, you were not as precise as we would have liked, which led to minor errors. Additionally, it would be helpful if you could take initiative in finding solutions to problems instead of waiting for instructions from others, which is creating a bottleneck in the production phase. OR: We have noticed a tendency of arriving late / sometimes missing meetings / not following online meetings, and missing important updates.}

Overall, we believe that you have the potential to be an excellent employee, and we hope that you will continue to work hard and improve in the areas where needed. We appreciate everything that you have done for us, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.


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