Feedback Letter on Performance

Your employee has recently been reviewed, and you want to provide feedback on his/her performance. This is a great feedback letter on the performance template you can use. 

Dear {employee name},

Thank you for your good performance in {the area where the employee excels}. I appreciate the hard work and effort you’ve put into this project. Your effort isn’t going unnoticed, and I just want to say thank you on the behalf of an entire team. Your drive is appreciated and is making a difference. 

However, {the area where an employee could improve} is one of the most important areas we need to focus on in the future, and I believe you have the potential to improve and grow. 

I would like to suggest that you focus on {solution to the problem, training, mentoring, classes, concrete advice} when completing this task in the future. It will greatly help you improve your performance in this area. 

Again, thank you for your hard work on {project}. I look forward to seeing your continued improvement in {position}.

Kind Regards, 


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