EIDL Decline Letter

If a business doesn’t qualify for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, you can send them this EIDL Decline Letter to inform them of the rejection decision.


[Recipient’s Name]

[Business Name]

[City, State and Zip Code]

Dear [Recipient’s Name]

We are living in unprecedented times, and business challenges are growing every day. The SBA tries to alleviate these challenges by offering small businesses loans to continue their operations. We have looked through your application, and regrettably, you don’t qualify for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

The reasons for this decision are [Reasons for Declining]. You can, however, apply for other funds under the program, including the Advance fund to grow your business. We hope you will get consideration and get relief in these tough circumstances.

Kind Regards,

[Sender’s Name]

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