Technical Information Letter

If you want to announce new technical information, refer to this technical information letter and write one that suits your topic. 

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[Subject: Mention Your Topic Here. In this case, The Subject is URLs – Use Bold Formatting to create emphasis on your topic]

To navigate a website on the world wide web, we need Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). Every webpage has its unique URL. The purpose of a URL on every website is to indicate the protocol being used by the website, the web server’s name, and the address you need to type to access the document using World Wide Web. 

Note that a URL and a relative URL are two different things; A URL should indicate the above-mentioned things. Whereas the relative URL adapts the similar server and protocol and gives an additional path to the current location of the webpage, you have open. Whether it be URLs or relative URLs, the issue they exhibit in today’s world is that they are rather long. 

We have introduced an innovative solution that shortens the URLs for the files stored on our network and the webpage’s access through our specified web server. The users on our networks can now publicize shorter URLs for their web pages and documents. The shorter URLs will make it easier for people to reference and remember their addresses. 


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