Information Request Letter for Products

You can use this information request letter for products to inquire about a company’s product. 

[Reciever’s Name] 


[Company Name]


[City, State, ZIP] 

[Subject: Write the subject here- Ensure to always write the subject  in bold formatting] 

Dear [Reciever],

I am writing this letter to allow me to retrieve some information about your products. The quality of your products has developed my interest, and I am interested in purchasing your products. However, I still need to know and have some information to ensure I have made an informed decision. 

Please provide me with a product catalog that contains details about all the products you sell with their specifications and features listing. I am hoping that the catalog also includes the product pricing individually. If not, also please facilitate me with pricing details about your products. 

Please also inform me about the availability of your products. If any product is currently unavailable, please mention the expected date for it’s arrival. Any information about your products’ warranty and after-sales services will also play an instrumental role in helping me analyze my needs and choose the right product. 

I request you provide me with the information as soon as possible so I can choose and buy your products. I want to thank you for considering my request and for taking the time to fulfill my request. 


[Sender’s Name]

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