Supplemental Information Letter

If you are looking for a supplemental information letter, here is a sample you can consider.

[Recipient’s Name],

[Recipient’s Address], 

{City, State, ZIP], 

[Subject: Supplemental Information Letter. Use Bold Formatting]

Respected [Recipient’s Name], 

Tandem to the agreement made for [Mention The Reason for which both parties signed the agreement] between [First Party] and [Second Party], this supplemental letter written on [Date] will authorize, define the schedule, scope, and payment conditions for the work to be done on the Project namely: [Mention the name of the Project]. 

[Mention The Contact Details of the first client. It should include their Name, Address, Contact Number, and Email]. 

[Mention The Contact Details of the second client. It should also include the same details as above.]

Scope: The Services That [party] will provide will be included in the attachment below. 

Schedule: [Mention The schedule of the Project, and it should include the starting and ending date of the Project]. 

Payment: [Lay down the agreed-upon payment terms between both parties]. 

Any Other Terms and Conditions: [If any details were agreed upon during the contract signing, mention them here]. 

[Mention The Name of The First Party]


[Mention The Name of The Second Party]


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