Sample Letter Informing of Death

If someone you know has passed away, you can use this sample letter informing of death to express condolences and invite the receiver to the deceased’s funeral.

From: [Sender’s Name]

[Sender’s Address]

[Sender’s Contact Number]


[Subject: The Objective of Writing the letter – Best be Written in Bold]

Dear [Reciever’s Name],

It is with great remorse that I, [Sender’s Name], am writing this letter to inform you of the unfortunate passing of [The Deceased Person’s Name]. Let this letter be a formal death of notice to be added to their file in your accounts.

The Full Name of [Add Their Full Name]. Born on [Date of Birth], their residence at their passing was [The address of the deceased]. [Deceased’s Name] passed away on [Date of Passing], and their Social Security Number (SSI) was [Their SSI Number], and you can find their account details under number [Account Number].

Being the [Your Relationship with The Deceased], I, [Sender’s Name], have attached the documents proving my relationship with the deceased and that I am authorized to make this request on their behalf. Their funeral will be held on [Date] and [Location]. Your presence to pay respects to the deceased is requested.

Your Assistance is much appreciated. However, if you need to ask for further information or want answers to some questions, you can contact me at the provided address and contact number.


[Sender’s Name]

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