Request for Credit Information Letter

If you want to review the information on your credit report, you can use this request for a credit information letter to ask the credit bureau to send you the information.

[Reciever’s Name] 

[Reciever’s Address] 

[City, State, ZIP] 

[Subject: Write the subject here- Ensure to always write the subject  in bold formatting] 

Dear [Reciever],

I am writing to request you facilitate me with a copy of my credit report based on your agency’s records. I believe that my credit reports require an updation; hence I would like to review and verify your personal information in your records.

Please provide me with a detailed credit report that must include all the personal information available in your records. Please ensure to list any credit accounts, payment history, or loans, and my credit score. 

If you require any additional information or documentation to fulfill my request, please inform me so I can provide the information as soon as possible. 

Thank You for paying attention to this matter. I hope to expect a prompt response from you soon. 


[Sender’s Name]

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