Request for Financial Information Letter

You can use this request for financial information letter to request someone to issue you a financial information letter that you need to have complete credit information.

[Reciever’s Name] 

[Reciever’s Address] 

[State, City, ZIP] 


[Subject: Write here that you are requesting financial information. Ensure to mention it in bold] 

Dear [Reciever’s Name], 

My name is [Sender’s Name] from [Company], and I am writing you regarding the new order you just shipped us. 

Your order delivery was prompt as usual, and [Company] remains thankful for your prompt services. The ties between your Company and ours stand to increase the mutual growth significantly and pleases me greatly. Please let this letter express my gratitude for how much we appreciate your interest in our [products/services]. 

However, due to the increased number of products in your recent orders, I request you to send an updated financial letter or a balance sheet. According to our records, the most updated sheet we have from you is of [Date]. Please understand that asking for financial information is a routine credit procedure when working with [Company], with a spike in the number of orders seen. 

Previously, you have been very cooperative in providing [Company] with any requested financial information, and I am sure this time will not be any different. Hence, please deliver the financial statement as soon as possible so we can meet our requirements and keep the good work going. 

Rest assured, your supplied data at [Company] will remain fully protected and only be used for indicated purposes. 


[Sender’s Name]

[Sender’s Name]

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