Financial Information Letter

If you have recently graduated and want to write a convincing financial cover letter, you can use this sample financial information letter: 

[Recepient’s Name] 

[Recipient’s Address] 

[State, City, ZIP],

[Subject: Mention the objective of this letter, best written in bold]

Dear [Recipient’s Name], 

I, [sender’s name], have recently graduated from [Name the institute] in the Major of [Name the major]. I also hold experience in doing internships with renowned companies, including [any place where you may have worked an internship]. 

During my time at [The internship company], I demonstrated coordination with fellow associates and did my best to offer benefits to the Company. This internship also allowed me to develop analytical and problem-solving skills, which will serve me well throughout my professional life of being [the designation]. 

I have mentioned a brief overview of my financial standing as a part of the application: 

Income Information: [Mention your income information here]. 

Asset information: [Mention your assets here, including your investments and savings]. 

Debt Information: [Mention any outstanding debts or loans you may have]. 

Credit History: [Mention your credit score here] 

I hope to further discuss my skills, experience, and their relevance to your Company at your convenience. Please schedule a time to sit down with me whenever possible. 


[Sender’s Name]. 

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