Letter Sending Information

You can use this letter sending information to answer any queries that a prospect or a customer may have raised.

[Reciever’s Name] 


[Sate, City, ZIP] 


[Subject: Mention the query of the customer in the subject. Use bold formatting] 

Dear [Reciever’s Name], 

On behalf of [company’s name], I, [Sender’s Name], am writing this letter pursuant to your inquiry about services. 

First of all, I would like to thank you for inquiring about our services and choosing [company name] based on your letter/email from [Date]. 

[Company name] offers a complete range of products/services that you are looking for. The products/services from our company are guaranteed to be useful in your daily regime and will make your life much easier. 

To address your query about the pricing of our products, I will be attaching the updated -price list and our latest brochures. As you look at this brochure and price list, you will find our prices to be much better and more competitive than other brands in the same niche. 

My team at [company] and I hope to hear from you soon. Nevertheless, if you still have any queries or questions, I will be delighted to help! You can contact me at the same number/email address for any more questions. 


[Sender’s Name], 


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