Information Processing Letter

If a customer has asked you to update their contact details, you can use this information processing letter to inform them their details have been updated successfully.

[Reciever’s Name]

[Reciever’s Address],

[City, State, ZIP],

[Subject: Mention the subject, keep it in bold formatting]

Dear [Reciever’s Name],

We recently received a request from you to update your contact information. Currently, the information
we have in our records of your data is as follows:

[Mention Account Number]

[Mention Full Name]

[Mention Address]

[Mention Contact Number]

This letter informs you that we have updated our records as you requested. With this letter in effect,
your current contact information in our records has been updated to:

[Mention Updated Account Number]

[Mention Updated Full Name]

[Mention Updated Address]

[Mention Updated Contact Number]

Thank you for taking the time to keep your information in our records updated. Your feedback means a lot to [mention company name] and will allow [company name] to continue serving you without hassle!


[Sender’s Name]


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