Sample Letter to Inform Patients

Here is a sample letter to inform patients regarding the diagnosis of a recent checkup or
tests they may have conceived.

[Reciever’s Name]


[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Whatever concerns you need to address]

Dear [Reciever],

This letter is from [Sender’s Name] for the purpose of intimating you of the test results performed by
[institute’s name] recently. I am delighted to mention that the tests for your medical conditions are
negative and that there is nothing to worry about. Your reports highlight no symptoms of the [medical
Studying the results of your test results, I would like to inform you that you don’t need any follow-up
testing or medication. Nevertheless, it’s commendable to discuss these results with your physicians and
deal with any doubts regarding your health.
However, if there remain any doubts or questions in your mind, you can always contact me by
calling [number]. I am also available throughout my office hours should you feel the need to visit me. My
office days and hours are [the days and consultation hours].


[Sender’s Name]



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