Information for Reference Letter

You can use this information for reference letter for writing someone you know a stellar reference letter. 

[Reciever’s Name] 

[Reciever’s Addreess]

[City, State, ZIP] 

[Subject: Mention the subject of your letter here – Use Bold Fomatting]


Dear [Reciever’s Name], 

My Name is [Sender’s Name], and I am designated as [Designation] at [Sedner’s Company Name]. I express my thrill through this letter to recommend [Recommending Person] for the [Designation] at [Reciever’s Company Name]. I enjoyed working as [Recommending Person] ‘s [Designation, ie. Supervisor] during her employment at [Sender’s Company Name] as a [Previous Designation]. Under my supervision, I have found [Name] punctual, extremely sharp, and responsible. [Name] has to be one of the brightest talents from [Company], and her skill set and qualifications make her an asset to your Company. 

[Name] ‘s work performance and knowledge have continued to impress the other people at the firm and me. [Name] puts together her skills and sharp analysis with a strong intuition and still has never failed to meet any deadlines and surpassed any expectations we’ve had of her. 

During her [mention the employment time], [Name] worked wonders by [mention some highlights of what they had done for the Company previously]. Apart from her brilliant skills, you can count on [Name] to be an absolute team player. During her tenure with [Company Name], I have found [Name [ to be engaging, optimistic, and easy to get along with. 

Having said all that, I am highly confident in writing this recommendation. I wish [Name] luck in all future endeavors and believe that [He/She] will be a great fit for your Company. If you would like to further discuss my experience with [Name], don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email address] or [contact number]. 


[Sender’s Name] 

[Sender’s Designation]

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