HOA End Of Year Letter

Here is a sample template you can use to write an HOA end of year letter.

Greetings to all [name of HOA] residents and homeowners.

First and foremost, I would thank all the board members who faithfully fulfilled their duties and attended all board meetings throughout the year.

I look forward to a more productive year and hope that [name of] Homeowners Association will reach new heights of success and development. We will strive for a more harmonious atmosphere within the HOA.

Our goal for the next year is to preserve and enhance the value of the community’s assets and enhance its residents’ lifestyle.

I like to thank all the homeowners who played their role as valuable community members. I also like to thank all the homeowners for attending our annual meeting to make it an informative and personable gathering.

[name of president],
President of the [name] Homeowners Association.

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