HOA Estoppel Letter Florida

Here is a sample Florida HOA Estoppel Letter template that you can use for free.

To whom it may concern.

The Board of Governors,
Name of HOA.

This letter will serve as a legal document for Estoppel in Florida. It certifies that House No. [286B], which is located at Street 8, [area, city, Florida], does not owe anything to the [name of HOA].

All the dues are cleared by the house owner Mr. [name of seller], and now if the house is sold out, the new owners are not liable for clearing any previous dues.

The house is a part of [Name] HOA, and you can contact Mr. [authoritative person from HOA] via phone [add number] or via email [add email address]

The house owner Mr. [name of the person selling], can be contacted via phone [add a phone number] or email [add email].

Thanking You,
[Name of HOA board member],
[Designation of HOA board member],

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