HOA Letter For Speeding

If a member of the homeowners association has been caught speeding, here is a sample template you can use to write a HOA letter for speeding.

Mr. [name]
Address: _______________.
Re: Notice for speeding and traffic violation.

Dear Mr. __,

Within the last three days, many people witnessed that you were speeding your car at a speed of [x] miles per hour. As you know that [enter street name] is a [x] mile an hour zone. It means you have violated the speed and traffic rules of the community.

Speeding a car more than the allowed speed is potentially dangerous for children, pets or elderly people who may be using the street.

This time, we are just issuing you a warning. However, if you get caught speeding again, the [name of HOA] disciplinary committee is entitled to issue a speeding fine.

Rules are made for the safety of all community members, and respecting them is their responsibility.

Thank You,

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