HOA Dog Poop Letter

If a member of your homeowners association has not been cleaning up after their bed, here is a sample template you can use to write a HOA dog poop letter.

Date: [mention the issue date]
Address: ________.
Re: Notice of Violation.

This letter is issued as a Notice of Violation from the [name of] Homeowners Association. The people living in the neighborhood complained that your dog pooped in the walkways while you were on a walk.

The most responsible thing that a dog owner should practice for their home, community, and environment is to pick up after their pets. We love dogs except for dealing with the waste they leave behind. Dog waste contains a significant number of parasites and bacteria that are harmful to human health.

[Name of] Homeowners Association has always emphasized maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene in the community. We expect responsible behavior towards the community from your side. If this happens next time, we may have to impose a fine upon you.

For: [Name of HOA]
By: [Name of Board Member]

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