Change In Distributor Letter (Sample)

If you or the company have decided to change your distributor, here is a sample template you can use to write a change in distributor letter.


[Company Name]

Dear [Customer Name],

I [Name], being the spokesperson of the company, want to inform you on behalf of the company that [Company’s name] is no longer using the distribution services of [Distributor’s name]. Due to some unavoidable reasons as stated below, we finally thought to change our distributor.

[Mention Reasons]

We feel glad to inform you that your services will not come to a halt even for a day as we have already appointed [Distributor’s name] as our new distributing partner. You will not face any inconvenience due to this decision.

We request you not to accept any products from our previous distributor with effect from [Date].

Thank you for cooperating with us at all times.


[Your name]

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