Letter Asking A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

If you are ready for relationship, here is how you can ask someone to be your girlfriend over text or email. You can also use this template to write a letter asking a girl to be your girlfriend.

Dearest [name],

I loved all the time we spent with each other over the past few weeks. I can feel like I have a strong connection with you due to the many things we have in common. Judging from your reaction to our dates, I can tell that we definitely have feelings with each other. However, I can understand if you’re not yet ready to dive into a relationship. 

If you need time to think about what you want to happen with us, take all the time in the world. I will definitely be patient with you because I like you that much. Hope you can let me know what you have decided. I am all ears to it and hopefully it will lead to spending more time with you. I cherish every moment with you and I can only wish we will go out more.



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