Real Estate Termination Letter

When you want to cancel an existing contract with a real estate agent or company, you can send them this Real Estate Termination Letter informing them of your decision.

[Sender’s Name]

[City, State and Zip Code]

[Email Address]


[Recipient’s Name]

[City, State and Zip Code]

Ref: Termination of Real Estate Contract with [Company/Agent Name]

Dear [Recipient’s Name]

I am writing this letter to terminate my real estate contract entered with you on [Date]. The purpose of the contract was [The Purpose as stated on the Contract].

The reason for terminating the contract is [Give Reasons]. After careful consideration, I believe this is the right decision for me and all involved parties.

In this regard, I request that you fill and resend the termination agreement to my attorney on or before [Date]. Your corporation in this matter will be highly appreciated.


[Sender’s Signature]

[Sender’s Name]

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