Payment Information Letter

You can use this payment information letter to highlight your services and notify them to clear any outstanding dues.

[Reciever’s Name] 

[Reciever’s Address] 

[City, State, ZIP] 


[Subject: Write the subject of your letter here. Ensure to use bold formatting to create more emphasis] 

Dear [Sender’s Name], 

Per our records, you have yet to pay [Company Name] an outstanding balance dating back to [Mention Month, Date]. The amount for this invoice was [Mention the amount] that remains unpaid and still unclaimed by [Company]. We have also enclosed a copy of the invoice so you can get it paid immediately. 

As mentioned in the invoice, you can see we have charged you for the following services on the respective dates: 

[Mentioned the services with the Date here] 

We direly request you to transfer any unclear dues in full by [Date], or else we will be forced to charge [number of interest per your policy] for any outstanding dues after 30 days per our policies. However, if you have already paid the amount, please discard this letter. 

[Company] appreciates your cooperation. We hope to maintain further our business ties with you and do business with you for the foreseeable future. 


[Sender’s Name]

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