Letter To Negotiate Salary Increase (Sample)

If you’d like to ask for a salary hike, here’s a sample template you can use to write a letter to negotiate a salary increase.

Dear [Hiring Manager],

Thank you for offering me a [position] position at


. I find this position, as well as your institution, to be highly suitable for my skillset and career direction. I believe that I can positively influence the institution’s profitability.

I am aware that we can agree on the terms of my employment that will be beneficial for both parties. I was greatly informed during the interview. It provided me with a clear picture of my potential roles in your company. I am confident that I can deliver well in this position. Thus, I would like to renegotiate with you the [terms/salary]. I would be pleased to receive

[new terms/salary]

. I believe that this figure is reasonable and that you will find me as an asset in your company.

Please expect a call from me so we can properly discuss this matter.


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