Application Letter For A Job Without Vacancy

Here’s a simple template you can use to write an Application For A Job Without a advertised vacancy.

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I am a professional in the field of [industry], and I have witnessed your company’s success for the past [duration of time]. I believe that with my insight into [indicate industry theory] and my [qualities] developed in my previous work at [company], I can help the company maintain its cutting edge position within the industry. I have [number of years] years of experience, which can positively contribute to your company’s accomplishments.

My educational background includes a [level of degree] in


. I have sharpened my professional skills in [previous company] for working on [projects]. I am diligent and capable, resulting in my promotions and commendations from supervisors.

My other qualities are indicated in the attached curriculum vitae. Should you be interested, please contact me at [phone number].


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