HOA Parking Violation Letter

Here is a sample template you can use to write HOA parking violation letter.

Mr. [name]
Address: ______.

This letter informs you that as a part of [name of] Homeowners association, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests do not park their cars out of the space allocated for you. On Saturday, a couple of your guests parked their cars randomly in the neighborhood. This careless behavior caused a lot of inconvenience to the neighbors and passers-by.
For this act of carelessness, we are sending this as a ‘Parking Violation Letter’.

Next time if you are found responsible for such actions, the [name of] HOA will charge you with a fine of $15 – $30 depending on the severity of the case. This fine is in accordance with the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R) section about the parking violation. To avoid further inconvenience, follow the parking regulation, especially when your guests are here.

Thank You,
[Name of the board member],
Disciplinary Committee [name of] HOA board.

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