Follow Up Letter to Hiring Manager

You have sent a letter or a mail to the hiring manager at a company you are interested in, and you are requesting additional details about a job ad. Since you haven’t received a response back, now you want to send a follow-up letter to the hiring manager. Here is a great template you can use.  

Dear Hiring Manager,

I hope you have been well since we last corresponded. I am writing to follow up on the job ad that I inquired about in my previous letter. I am very interested in the position and would like to know more about what kind of candidates you are looking for, as well as what the next steps in the hiring process are.

I also wanted to inquire about your availability for an interview or if you have information about additional job availabilities in your company that might be a good fit for me. I am reattaching my resume from the previous letter since I am aware of just how busy your inbox must be. 

If you could let me know at your earliest convenience, that would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity of working at {Company name}, since that will be a dream come true. 

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,
{Your Name}

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